As a purchaser or user of an iDepict.comTM non-fungible token (NFT), the iDepict.comTM color card, or any aspect of the iDepict.comTM image evaluation system (digital, virtual, or otherwise), you agree to the following terms and conditions:


iDepict.comTM is a sole proprietorship registered in the Province of British Columbia, Canada. Anthony Kondaks (“owner”) is the owner of iDepict.comTM , the copyright to iDepict.comTM color graphic, the website External link opens in new tab or windowwww. iDepict.comTM, is the U.S. patent-holder of the image evaluation system for the internet,  and any other intellectual property associated with or attached to the proceeding citations. Violations or infringements of any of these properties – intellectual or otherwise – will be strictly enforced. The owner reserves the right to update and modify these terms at any time without notice to you. The most current version of these terms can be found at iDepict.com.


iDepict.comTM provides an evaluation system (“the system”) for images displayed on the internet, television, and other visual electronic, non-electronic, and digital media. This system may include hardcopy color cards which the user and/or licensee agrees to use within the context of the system and unless otherwise specified, agrees not to reproduce, copy, modify, distribute, transmit, display, publish, license, create derivative works from, transfer, or sell any information, software, services, or products obtained from the system. “Modify” includes but is not limited to removing or modifying the lot number identifier located on the front of the color card.


The system is available non-exclusively through purchase of an NFT. Purchasers of an iDepict.comTM NFT and iDepict.comTM color cards are licensees and do not own the right to print iDepict.comTM color cards; however, a licensee has the right to obtain hardcopy prints of the color card graphic attached to that NFT in a quantity (“the allowable quantity”) that does not exceed the amount indicated by the range of numbers listed on the “lot” identifier found at the bottom of the NFT that they have purchased. For example, if the lot is described as “iDepict.comTM Lot 500,001-600,000,” the licensee may order the printing of 100,000 hardcopies of the graphic color card represented by the NFT.

The licensee is not required to have printed any or all of the allowable quantity of hardcopies he has the right to have printed. The licensee may choose to have some or all of his allowable quantity be printed in separate print runs at different times in different quantities; however, the total number of hardcopies printed can never exceed the allowable quantity.

As per the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, licensees may:

-Distribute hardcopies of the iDepict.comTM color cards or direct those to whom they have sold iDepict.comTM color cards to distribute them;

-Transmit, display, and publish iDepict.comTM color cards for image evaluation purposes or direct those to whom they have sold iDepict.comTM   color cards to transmit, display, and publish them.

-Transfer ownership of the iDepict.comTM NFT and the rights, terms, and conditions attached to it.


Licensees may only utilize and contract with Authorized iDepict.comTM printers to print hardcopies of iDepict.comTM color cards.


As a licensee, you may sell your NFT.  However, if the licensee has had printed hardcopies of some or all of the allowable quantity, he must disclose this figure at the point of sale, prior to purchase by the purchaser. These terms and conditions transfer to new purchasers who must accept, in writing, these terms and conditions. This can be effected by the new purchaser digitally agreeing to “I have read the terms and conditions located at [insert appropriate link] and agree to them” and which the licensee has maintained a copy and/or record of.


Independent vendors are individuals or business entities who have purchased NFT(s) with the intention to resell the color cards for use by others, such as online sellers/displayers.

Independent vendors, as licensees, must obtain written agreement to these terms and conditions upon sale of hardcopies of the color card. These terms and conditions transfer to their purchasers who must accept, in writing, these terms and conditions. This can be achieved by the purchaser digitally agreeing to “I have read the terms and conditions located at [insert appropriate link] and agree to them” and which the licensee/independent vendor has maintained a copy and/or record of.


Purchasers and sellers of the iDepict.comTM NFT or a hardcopy of the iDepict.comTM color card agree not to copy, modify, cut, or add to either side of the card – digital, hardcopy, or otherwise -- in any way and to utilize the color cards and the system in the manner intended and agreed upon. At its sole discretion, iDepict.comTM may authorize licensees to have printed, on the reverse side of the iDepict.comTM color card, text and/or images in a space provided for that purpose.


If the identifier on front of the iDepict.comTM color card (found on the bottom horizontal area) is erroneously labelled, iDepict.comTM and/or its affiliates will replace, at no cost to the purchaser of the NFT, an NFT that is properly labelled.


You, the licensee, indemnify iDepict.comTM against defects or unsatisfactory hardcopy printing, false disclosers by resellers of iDepict.comTM NFTs including but not limited to falsely stating to prospective purchasers of their NFT the number of hardcopies they have had printed from their allowable quantity, financial loss due to inability to sell an NFT or loss from sale.