Independent Vendors


A business opportunity is available to purchasers of an iDepict.comTM NFT who would like to sell, at a mark-up, color cards from their allowable limit. Prospective clients would be online sellers/displayers whose product or online images are depiction-sensitive, such as entities in the apparel and fashion industry.

There is no upfront investment to become an independent vendor other than the purchase of the NFT.  Furthermore, overhead expenses should be non-existent as the vendor can conduct this business opportunity from their home or existing business; all that’s needed is a computer, internet access, and a phone.

No intense study or attendance at a training seminar is necessary; all that’s needed is an entrepreneurial spirit.

In addition to providing sellers/displayers with a system to boost sales and reduce returns, there is an advertising aspect. On the reverse side of the color card, there is space reserved for advertising. Under specific parameters (such as font size), a logo, slogan, tagline, or company name can be printed. This advertising feature is an additional benefit to sellers/displayers who utilize the iDepict.comTM  system and distribute color cards to their clientele.

Furthermore, NFT Licensees have the option to change what is printed, from one print run to the next, on that portion of the reverse side that is reserved for advertising.  For example: an independent vendor has purchased a lot giving him the right to have 100,000 color cards printed. They may have made a sale to ABC Company for 10,000 color cards. The licensee is free to order a print run of 10,000 cards to include the logo of ABC company and the next print run of, say, 35,000 may contain the logo and tagline of XYZ Company to whom they have sold 35,000 color cards.